Hairdresser armchair – what to look for?

It is a real challenge to choose proper furniture for hair salon. Although manufacturers offer is extremely rich and constantly expanded by new models, the best choice may be quite difficult.

Furniture in hair salon

First of all, the convenience for the customer and fit to the ergonomics hairdresser. Let's focus on the barber chair and its role in the hair salon. Hairdresser armchair should be very comfortable with a wide seat. It should be adjustable for height and backrest matched to the customer and at the same time to hairdresser work. The backrest cannot be too hard or too soft, because it may cause the pain or numbness of the back and discomfort to the customer. Dissatisfied customer will not come back to us again, will not recommend us to his friends and will have negative opinion about our services. Pay attention to the selection of the chair and its features.

When we are browsing the catalogues with hairdressing furniture offer, we can find many interesting shaped and colorful models. However, when purchase chair let's focus on its functional in further work. The armchair on the round and rectangular legs definitely looks great, but it will be hard to move it in different places and set to the optimal position for the client and hairdresser. The perfect choice will be model with possibility of adjustable height with using hydraulic pomp. It costs more than other models but its functionality and simplicity in management will benefit in future.

Styling chair

Regarding to the color of the chair, most salons selects neutral ones, so that you can match almost any decor. It is mostly white or black choice. However, sooner or later the white is covered by dirt and black wipes, so you can successfully invest in other colors, properly chosen to interior design. 
Hairdresser chair should be of good quality, works efficient and be helpful for hairdresser. Also, the customer must feel comfortable while sitting. When it comes to purchase there is good to invest more, because it will be the equipment which we use every day. In many salons owners have also invested in special styling chairs. The hairdresser can sit on it while he is styling client`s hair. It also helps to relieve the spine.